Your service provider

We plan, design and implement.

We make it possible for you

Conferences and events

We provide any kind of service to organice events and conferences in any location and format, from online to face-to-face.

Your supporting team

The comapny offers staff covering any kind of necessities relared to events design and implementation.

Training and capacity

Providing training, specially online, has become one main pillar of AEX services. 

Consulting and management

AEX services includes a full range of consulting and management offer of services to support your bussiness.


Full range of services in marketing and communication


Strategic analysis and consulting in different areas such as business planning, marketing, policy design, training, are some of the most frequent services.


AEX offers a complete service for the integration of digital systems in companies, from knowledge management to information security.

Planing ahead of customer necessities

As a constant of our relation with our collaborators and clients., we identify necessities and plan solutions ahead of the problem appearances, saving time and resources to our clients in a more effective way.

We are global providerswith experience in serrvices all around Europe, being local but acting global in any EU country.



IMPACT HUB COWORKING. Alameda 22, 28014, Madrid